Sun Tracing

Sunlight is the one of earth’s natural resources which is used to obtain and gather energy and power to generate electricity, DC high voltage and current to perform various functions of routine life by Sun Tracing  either they are individual, commercial or industrial. Harnessing is the best way to be used to capture sun radiations directly from the sun in an efficient way with cost effective methods. Solar energy is the competitive form of fossil fuels and will become soon the vital part of the source of fuel in coming future because its intensity is far more than all the fossil fuels present in atmosphere and earth. Developed countries are busy to investigate and make experiments to get the more appropriate source by Sun Tracing  methods and techniques to gather higher power from the sun to perform all functions of life. Developing countries are also on the way to enhance use of solar power for their domestic industry.

New active phase of sun has been started recently. Solar cycle 24 has taken the start from January 4, 2008 by the indication of a reverse division sunspots. Solar activity is not remains constant; but keeps variations in 11 year average cycle. There are two branches of science related to Solar System i.e. Solar Astronomy and Solar Physics. These categories of Sun Tracing not only study the behavior and position of the sun but also monitor the space based instruments which have been settled to examine the solar sphere. Sunspot activity occurred in April 2000 and the instruments have provided the images and photographs of solar activity of 23rd cycle of solar activity.

According to planetary A-index or PAI geomagnetic activity on earth was on its peak level in October 2003 when sunspot activity was preceding to the minimum. This is the quality of sun that it continuous with power and force even in minimum solar activity. This was the surprise for the astronomers and experts who have given years to the solar tracing. Sun is also responsible of some dangerous bursts activities as after a long time research scientists now claim that sun in never quiet. When magnitude and frequency of solar coronal mass ejections increase; depicts the geomagnetic maximum.

Sun Tracing depicts that collision of a coronal mass ejection with magnetosphere of earth can cause geomagnetic storm and it can damage electric power grid equipment and major electric power failures. So, we can say that sol and its mood can create a wide disturbance in magnetic field of out planets. Solar blazes can interrupt radio reception and then ionosphere will be disturbed with same intensity. Severe geomagnetic fluctuations can cause damage in satellites and the places where astronauts and cosmonauts live.