Is a solar tracker worth the added cost?

In most solar collectors, the solar tracker is automatically included. That is because it is vital to the output. In some collectors, a deviation of 10 degrees may reduce the output to 50 percent. As such the solar tracker is a must have.

It it always the case?

Naturally there are exceptions to the rule. Some collectors do not benefit a whole lot from solar trackers. The rule he is the following:

If the solar collector increases the output more than expanding the collector surface, then it is justified. If not, then just get a larger solar collector.

To illustrate in an example, if a solar tracker increases the output by 50%, while to increase the solar collector by 50% would be more expensive, then go with a solar tracker!

The other important consideration, besides the cost is the room. Solar power requires large surfaces to be effective. Can you afford to dedicate additional space to solar power? And what are your future plans of expansion? Will the power generated be sufficient in the future?


You really need to take your time and consider your options. The worst thing you can do is limit your chances of expanding your power farm to accommodate future power consumption.

That being said, a solar tracker is a very efficient device and generally is well worth the investment. So if you are in a dilemma, I suggest going with a tracker. You will sleep better at night knowing you saved space and most likely quite a bit of funds by going with an efficient solar tracker. Do not take a high maintenance one though! If it takes time from your daily routine it is probably not for you!