Solar energy

Solar energy is the energy used by the human beings to get light and heat since very earlier. Man has used many of the technologies to enhance the power of astrophysical energy and has tried to use this energy in various manners to perform various functions. Man use secondary solar powered resources like wind, wave power, hydroelectricity and biomass with the solar radiations to get the best and most efficient source of renewable energy for the benefits and easiness of mankind. Still, now we are using very small fraction of this renewable energy in our lives but we can make our life smooth by adding its use to perform various routine duties.

We have two technologies which are used normally i.e. Passive Solar Techniques and Active Solar Techniques to capture energy to get fruitful results. They depend on the way they capture, convert and distribute. Passive Solar Techniques includes light dispersing procedures and naturally circular air which are especially designed to get renewable energy source. Photovoltaic panels and solar thermals are used in Active Solar Techniques to strap up the energy from the sun.

About 3,850,000 EJ per year solar energy is absorbed by the universe including atmosphere, oceans and lands. In biomass plants absorb about 3,000 EJ per year during photosynthesis. We have different renewable energy sources like coal, natural gas, oil and uranium but the energy from the sun has double triple worth if we compare with all these resources; the Solar energy will be much more powerful than all of the other renewable energy resources.

Solar panel is the way which can be used to harvest the solar energy to get the best results in the world of science. Heat engines and photovoltaic are the major source to generate solar powered electricity. Only limited Solar energy is being used by the human beings i.e. they use solar calculators, watches and other small devices but normally they depend on other energy resources. Solar Architecture, Portable Water, Distillation, Disinfection, Day lighting, Solar hot Water, Solar Cooking are helpful in space heating and cooling. Thus, we can say that we can enhance the energy in much competitive way.

Solar energy is being converted in green house process to get better yield of crops and plants. Through green house plants get their nourishment in local climate and without any loss one can get better yield results. Romans used this kind of greenhouses first time in history and gain a lot then Europe came forward to perform various experiments to modify the forms of energy to get the optimum usage styles and methods. Horticulture use greenhouse as its important part and plastic transparent materials also use green house in process like poly