Solar Cell

Solar Cell is the name of device which is used as converter. It converts the sunlight directly into electricity and makes us to perform our duties. It uses photovoltaic effect for this purpose. When the light source is specified we use Solar Cells and solar panels but if the light source is unspecified we use photovoltaic cells. Solar panels, solar modulators, solar modules and photovoltaic arrays use assemblies of cells. Solar energy is the generated energy after this conversion and use to produce electricity for practical use. Photovoltaic is the technology used to convert sunlight into solar energy to get electricity and energy cells.

Solar Cells are used in connections to make modules. More powerful module normally based on series of energy cells in modules to get additive voltage especially in industrial level production. Photovoltaic modules are also used having glass sheet allowing light to pass through; they also have the protective layers to protect the semiconductors from rain hail etc because it can damage and harm the system. Parallel connections of cells in modules generate high current. Arrays need interconnection of cells in series or parallel, both methods give same results and generate high voltage and current.

Watts and Kilowatts are the terms used to measure power generated by solar arrays. Normally, we use terms like kilowatt hour or kilowatt hour per day to calculate the production and usage of energy, voltage or current on daily basis. Peak kilowatt of solar array generates voltage about 4.8 kilowatt hour per day. Inverters are being used to generate energy and make capable to be used in standalone systems, batteries and production of electricity with high DC current or voltage. The electrical devices can be charged through solar energy and can be used which one will have the requirement.

P-n junction made from silicon is the best form of Solar Cells and commonly used in individual, commercial and industrial sectors. N type silicon is being connected or diffused directly with p type silicon and gets the junction of silicon i.e. p-n junction. This junction creates high voltage current.

Multiple band gap absorber use Solar Cells to covert the solar spectrum. Solar spectrum can be broken down into smaller bins while using multiple band gaps but the thermodynamic efficiency will be higher for each of the broken bin. Thus, we can say that these cells can be modified and used in different patterns.

Solar Cells are used in various electronic devices and tools to make them powerful and sustainable in the sun. Solar mobile phone charges, solar bike lights and solar camping lanterns are also very helpful for the daily use and people feel much comfortable with their use as there are no circumstances of electric shock.