Optimizing Solar Power Generation

The generation of other resources of renewable energy is now very important because of limited resources of renewable energy like coal, gas, oil, carbon and other fossil fuels. Climatic changes occur because of carbon dioxide and it emphasized on photoelectric energy; a new form of renewable energy.  The price of photo voltaic equipment is very high used in solar panels and both small and medium conversion systems.

The Optimizing Solar Power Generation system enhances the greenhouse use which is very fruitful to get better yield of fields and crops by providing them required temperature. Every developed country is emphasizing on the Optimizing Solar Power Generation to utilize alternate renewable energy resources in other activities in different forms. Optimizing Solar Power Generation enables governments to get financial support for photo voltaic power plants and for the domestic use. Developing countries are also coming towards Optimizing Solar Power Generation power plants to promote the domestic and small industry to keep chain of development in progressive ways. This technology is also very beneficial for agriculture development which can be achieved by Optimizing Solar Power Generation of the solar panels and assemblies.

There are two kinds of solar panels commonly used by the experts and scientists i.e. one is fixed SP and other is orientable SP. Fixed SP is used in house applications by installing them in roof and walls of the homes. The oriented SP normally used in photo voltaic power plants and in other various plants to get electricity and high voltage current. Tracking can be automatic and also based on manual settings. It is the cost effective option by which we can also gain optimum energy level by seasonal manual adjustments in devices. Scientists consider incident angles and the change of the incident angle across the average day because atmospheric absorption is variable in 24 hours. We can calculate the intensity by sun trackers.

Experts emphasize to set the photo voltaic power plants which capture more solar energy during peak season so it could be utilize in cold weather and foggy environment. Thus we make optimum usage of solar energy by solar power generation plants. There are various limitations of solar trackers some are mentioned below:

  • For heavy work and complicated mechanical structure, we use vertical trackers which are available in high prices not generally affordable as it also needs maintenance time after time.
  • Wind, atmosphere and humidity can affect the working condition of power plants so SP with heavy regulation angles must be protected by such circumstances.
  • Reciprocal shadows must be avoided in oriented SP.
  • It is very important to find out simple, cost effective, reliable and durable solutions for orientation power generation systems.