Automatic sun tracking system

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Ελληνικά: Φωτογραφία φωτοβολταϊκής συστοιχίας στο Ληξούρι Κεφαλονιάς (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are in the age of renewable resources. We are looking for options to oil and because years, we are making great use of energy supplied by the Sun as a boundless source of kilowatts. Additionally, we reside in the info society where the New Technologies, the Mobile Telephone and Web are a vital part in our lives. Sun tracking looks for the synergies in between both worlds: Energy and telecoms.

Nowadays, there are multiple automatic sun tacking systems, developed by big companies with a large amount of economic and human resources, not easily accessible to the small and medium users, and even electricity fitters; and above all, they can not manage enough time to develop their own solar tracker, since an intricate part, in this project, is represented by the control system and the communications of the tracker they want.

automatic sun monitoring system
Sun tracking is a automatic sun monitoring system developed for those individuals wishing to execute a solar tracker and to have an efficient control system: preserving the perpendicularity with it, security in case of winds, remote control and, above all, being economic and basic. In market, we can discover electronic gadgets that perform the control of drives for the solar monitoring, nonetheless, they do not adapt to the mechanical requirements your solar tracker needs since of an inflexibility in its performance. The production and large sale of programmable controllers have produced their cost to low notably, so, the hardware part is economically appealing.

Suntracking is a software for programmable controllers (PLCs) composed in a standard language of shows for controllers: IEC 61131-3, this permits a flexibility and adaptation to the requirements of the customer’s solar tracker, because, on the one hand, it is parametrizable through touch display (HMI) and Web through Internet; and on the various other hand, it has a source code flexible by the author to fulfill the most complicated necessities.

automatic sun monitoring system
The automatic sun monitoring system, Sun tracking, has actually been developed making use of the Panasonic FP-X series controller nevertheless it can be adjusted for any market controller that could set itself in the shows requirement IEC 61131-3. This task has been the product of an effort during 2 years of shows, simulation and modifications development of a total system of automatization, control and telecommunications aimed to the optimization of solar tracking with the goal of capturing the solar power. Nowadays, there are even more than 600 solar trackers operating with this software application.