An alternative kind of energy

More and more people are starting to use solar trackers as a way of benefiting from energy that is purely natural and most of all, free. You have certainly seen windmills that were designed and placed in fields in order to create energy that is based on something as simple as the wind blowing. In a similar way, a solar tracker uses sunlight as a way of creating energy as well.
These trackers represent optical devices which can come in a variety of forms such as lenses, reflectors or photovoltaic panels. Energy is produced as a result of the small angle of incidence created between the tracker itself and the light from the sun. For the best angle possible, you have to set up the panel in the exact direction that gets direct sunlight.
In addition to this, there are two main kinds of solar trackers: the ones which are fixed on a pole and those that are attached to the roof of your house directly. No matter which of these options you will choose, it’s important to set them up in the best position regarding the direction of the sun rays. Otherwise, you won’t benefit from the proper amount of energy that you need in your house.

The fixed solar trackers also come under two different versions: the panels which were fixed directly in concrete and those who were fixed not directly in something as hard as concrete but using materials such as sand or gravel for example. Although the latter kind of solar trackers might not be considered as safe as the concrete-based ones, they are still able to sustain the power wind in the same way as them.
When it comes to the way in which the energy from the sun is received by the solar trackers, there are various factors which should be considered such as the latitude at which you are situated, the weather conditions, the particular season and even the time of the day. As you can imagine, the majority of energy amount is created in the morning and afternoon.
However, a good solar tracker is able to generate energy even in the winter time as long as there are sun rays that reach it. This kind of panel was created to transform any kind of radiation from the sun into a high amount of energy, which is why it represents one of the most useful and reliable means of alternative kind of power.
Except lenses and reflectors, photovoltaic solar trackers are the most popular ones, being actually available under two options: non-concentrating and concentrating trackers. The common aspect regarding both of them resides in the fact that they can transform sun light that is represented by both diffuse and direct one.
In the case of trackers which are non-concentrating, they use mainly direct light, which is why their angle of incidence is extremely important. On the other hand, the concentrating trackers need to have this angle fixed depending on the kind of sun light in order to use as much of that particular energy as possible. At the same time, the concentrating kind of trackers are based on a reflective and refractive concentrator system.
If you are planning on investing in a solar tracker yourself, you should also take the different types of axis trackers that they are based on, including single ones represented by horizontal, vertical, tilted, polar kinds and dual ones which involve a variety of complex axis-related components.
Without a doubt, a solar tracker represents a great investment especially if you have your own house and you want to use energy which is created entirely in a natural way thanks to these panels and their way of transforming sun light into an alternative kind of power.