Advantages and disadvantages of automatic solar trackers

Solar tracker is a component/tool/plugin in solar PV system which let the solar panels/arrays dealing with the sunlight straight or you can say at 90 degree angle regard to the sun-light. Simply puts-“A solar tracker is a gadget that orients a payload toward the sun. Payloads can be photovoltaic panels, reflectors, lenses or various other optical gadgets.”.

Solar Tracker

Solar Tracker (Photo credit: hdaniel)

In flat-panel photovoltaic (PV) applications, trackers are used to reduce the angle of incidence in between the inbound sunshine and a photovoltaic panel. This enhances the quantity of energy produced from a taken care of quantity of installed power generating ability.
In basic photovoltaic applications, it is approximated that trackers are used in at least 85 % of industrial installments higher than 1MW from 2009 to 2012.


The benefits of solar tracker are provided below:.
Solar tracking systems are utilized to continually orient photovoltaic panels to the sun and can help make best use of the investment in PV system.

They are useful as the sun’s position in the sky will alter gradually during a day and over the seasons throughout the year.

Advantages to utilizing a tracker system like this will depend mostly on it’s positioning in determining exactly how well it will enhance the effectiveness of the panels.

energy manufacturing is at an optimum and energy output is enhanced year round. This is particularly significant through out the summer season with its long days of sunshine readily available to capture and no energy will be lost.

For those with limited area this suggests that a smaller sized range only needs to be installed, a substantial advantage for those smaller sites with only a small location to put solar tracker.
Contrast in between taken care of and with-tracking solar PV system.


Now let’s discuss about the disadvantages of solar tracking system. Today, with boom in solar technology, the use of solar tracker is not needed as it enhances the overall set-up cost of the system. The main downsides of using solar tracking system are noted below:.
The stand alone PV home kit system is a very reputable and uncomplicated source of energy manufacturing; the panels do not move and require little upkeep. By including a solar tracking system to your solar panels, you are including moving parts and equipments which will require regular upkeep of your solar system and repair work or replacement of busted parts.

The major disadvantage is the financial investment problem. It has actually seen that in contrast to the expense and increment in the effectiveness, setup and upkeep expense of the monitoring system leads. By utilizing the solar tracker the overall effectiveness of the system enhanced by 23-30 % whereas the system cost increases by 31-35 % (in many of the cases).

Likewise the upkeep and fixing of mechanical and electronic parts of the monitoring system needs additional man-power and obviously additional financial investment.

Last of all i ‘d like to conclude that using solar tracker in the solar PV installation is not that much vital. We can conserve this cash and put it on using the Maximum Power Point Monitoring which yields more output from the solar range than the tracker system.