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How to make the best use of solar power using solar trackers

he term ‘solar’ is related to the sun, and the term ‘tracker’ essentially implies to adhere to something. I enjoy it when devices are named explaining precisely just what they do!

Advantages and disadvantages of automatic solar trackers

Solar tracker is a component/tool/plugin in solar PV system which let the solar panels/arrays dealing with the sunlight straight or you can say at 90 degree angle regard to the sun-light. Simply puts-“A solar tracker is a gadget that orients

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Solar trackers, which are best?

There are many types of solar trackers on the market today. Naturally you will be studying up on them before you decide on a type, but still, the question on what method of solar tracking to use comes up.

Automatic sun tracking system

We are in the age of renewable resources. We are looking for options to oil and because years, we are making great use of energy supplied by the Sun as a boundless source of kilowatts. Additionally, we reside in the

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Manual solar tracking

Naturally having things automated has its benefits, but so does manually operating solar cells. In the featured video we took a look at how a manual solar tracker works, what are the benefits of it and why it is worth

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