Solar energy

Solar energy is the energy used by the human beings to get light and heat since very earlier. Man has used many of the technologies to enhance the power of astrophysical energy and has tried to use this energy in

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Solar Panel

The name Solar panel came from the sun when astronomer started calling the light of the sun as “Sol”. Many others call them photovoltaic meaning “light electricity”. Solar panels are engaged in converting light energy (sunlight) into electrical energy. They

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Solar Panel Placement

When you make a purchase of the domestic solar system, your story is not finished on its purchase; rather solar panel placement is the only way of getting maximum benefit out of solar energy. The benefits generated by solar panel

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Solar tracker

Solar tracker  is the broad and unspecified term used to illustrate devices that are being used to adjust various payloads towards the sun. There are many kinds of solar trackers i.e. photo voltaic panels, Reflectors, lenses and other optical devices. 

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Sun Tracing

Sunlight is the one of earth’s natural resources which is used to obtain and gather energy and power to generate electricity, DC high voltage and current to perform various functions of routine life by Sun Tracing  either they are individual,

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Solar Power Plant

Are you tired of paying heavy electricity bills? Do you think the growing economical crisis will make it difficult to safe money for future? Are you thinking about investing in some other but cheap source of energy? If your answer

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Solar Cell

Solar Cell is the name of device which is used as converter. It converts the sunlight directly into electricity and makes us to perform our duties. It uses photovoltaic effect for this purpose. When the light source is specified we

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How to make the best use of solar power using solar trackers

he term ‘solar’ is related to the sun, and the term ‘tracker’ essentially implies to adhere to something. I enjoy it when devices are named explaining precisely just what they do!

Advantages and disadvantages of automatic solar trackers

Solar tracker is a component/tool/plugin in solar PV system which let the solar panels/arrays dealing with the sunlight straight or you can say at 90 degree angle regard to the sun-light. Simply puts-“A solar tracker is a gadget that orients

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Solar trackers, which are best?

There are many types of solar trackers on the market today. Naturally you will be studying up on them before you decide on a type, but still, the question on what method of solar tracking to use comes up.